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Academic Staff and Facilities

All teaching staff is qualified, well-educated, properly trained and experienced.

Our campus occupies an area of 7000 sq ft and is located in the heart of the commercial district in Macau.

To enhance the interest of studying, classrooms are spacious and designed into different themes. Every classroom is also built with state-of-the-art technology. Each classroom is well-equipped with up-to-date educational support technology including projectors and interactive whiteboards. This serves to stimulate learning, fun and prepare students for the ever changing world.

To maintain safety and security, digital video surveillance is installed to monitor the whole campus and activities on a 24-hour basis. Fire detection and burglar alarm system are also installed.

Our campus is fully air-conditioned and equipped with an approved air-purifying system.

Sanitation is carefully controlled. The whole campus and all facilities are regularly cleaned and checked.