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2018/2019 入學資訊  Admission Information

幼兒院 1-2 Nursery & Pre-Kindergarten Age 1-2 years old

幼兒院報名  Nursery Application:


  • 填妥入學申請表(報名表可於校內索取或於本校網址下載)
  • 報讀兒童之身份證明文件正本及複印本
  • 吋半近照一張
  • 報名費澳門幣500元*(包括評估面試)

Documents to be submitted for Application:

  • Application form (available from our school or downloadable from our website)
  • Identity documentation of the child (original and photocopy)
  • One 1½" recent photo
  • MOP500* Application fee (including assessment interview)
    (All data, documents and fees collected are used for processing the admission application and will not be returned under any circumstances)

2018/2019 入學資訊  Admission Information

幼稚園 3-6 Kindergarten K1-K3 Age 3-6 years old

幼稚園 幼兒入學中央登記措施

  • 幼兒首次入學申請者必須參考2018/2019 教育暨青年局之幼兒首次入學中央登記措施 (每年1月- 3月份註冊)
  • 其他入學申請者請直接與校方聯繫

Kindergarten Admission for 1st time registered students

  • Applicants to 2018/2019 First-time Infant Education: follow the registration guidelines of DSEJ (Registration Period: January to March each year)
  • All other applicants: direct inquiry to our school


Documents to be submitted upon successful acceptance:

  1. 錄取生之身份證明文件複印本**
  2. 父母及/或監護人之身份證明文件複印本**
  3. 由澳門衛生局發出之疫苗接種手冊複印本**
  4. 由澳門衛生局發出之疫苗接種證明書
  5. 健康證明書
  1. Identification document of applicant** (copy)
  2. Identification document of both parents/ guardian** (copy)
  3. Vaccination Record issued by the Macau Health Bureau** (copy)
  4. Vaccination Certificate issued by the Macau Health Bureau (original)
  5. Health Certificate (original)

*All fees paid are non-refundable and non-transferable

**Original identification document is required for verification purposes